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“Taste Of Our Chai is Like - Maa Ke Haath ki Ghar Wali Chai”

Shree Shetkari Chaha is a leading Tea service retailer in Pune. We've continuously strived to catch our customer’s demands.
Shree Shetkari Chaha offers many types of tea flavors. The Specialty
of Shree Shetkari Chaha is Special Tea (Sugar) and Special jaggery tea.

We believe in giving high-quality products at reasonable costs. Our main goals are consumer satisfaction & progressive growth. We have always been to help deserving youngsters who want to break into a business on their own.
Shree Shetkari Chaha provides special tea which has only pure milk without water.
The business of Tea never just remains a business of Tea! A great product range, multiple offerings, innovative taste, and healthy options together make it a wholesome deal.

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Only Shree Shetkari Chaha Get Back to Yourself..

Our goal is to serve the great taste of Shree Shetakri Chaha to earn your trust and happiness. Special Tea is made with only pure milk without a single drop of water. We give fresh, high-quality, tasty tea to all of our customers in a clean, well-maintained place. The Specialty of Shree Shetkari Chaha doesn’t use any chemicals in any product to maintain the original taste you loved.

Nothing is Better Than Tea..

With Our Shree Shetkari Chaha Franchise, You Can Realise Your Career Aspirations.

Shree Shetkari Tea store franchises are available throughout Maharashtra. We provide a variety of adaptable franchise plans based on region, shop location, and estimated sales volume.

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